Our Process

North East PAT Testing Specialist

We try to keep the processes of what we do as simple as possible; what’s the point in complicating matters? The benefit of working with a small business such as ourselves, is we like to keep paperwork to a minimum whilst still offering a very high standard of service.

Being founder members of the PAT Testing Network we feel that high standards are important.


Initially you will make contact – we can do a quote by email or over the phone, or visit your site to do a survey first. We’ll take some details from you, set you up on our CRM system and send an estimate to you by email.

When you accept the quote we’ll book an appointment at a mutually convenient time.

The Appointment

We’ll attend your site at the agreed time and make contact with the appropriate person. Working with you we’ll ensure the logistics are operational and the disruption is kept to a minimum.

The appliance we are testing will need to be switched off for a short period whilst it is tested.

Health and Safety / RAMS

We have appropriate Health and Safety documents – if you need them just ask and we’ll email them to you. We are also insured for £5million.

We are working with electrical equipment so there is always an element of risk but as we have to disconnect the power to do our work, once that switch is flicked the risk is removed.


When the job is complete we’ll inform you of any urgent action such as removing failed appliances, and generate our invoice – it will be sent to you by email and should be paid as soon as possible. For all business clients we offer 30 days term; for domestic clients the payment is required whilst we’re on site.

PAT Report and Certificates

We will download the data from our machines to create the report in the office. When the invoice is paid we will email our report to you.

Reminder of next phase

When the next tests are 2-months away we will send you a reminder; we’ll suggest a date that we will come – if it is convenient just accept it, if not, contact us as soon as possible to change it.